A Private Fitness Center for Certified Personal Trainers

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Welcome to your PRIVATE FITNESS CENTER.  At Basic Training PFC, you will find a unique approach to fitness.  With out different trainers and their backgrounds, you are sure to find one that fits your style.  There are NO membership fees, and private outside trainers are always welcome.

Are you a certified trainer? We'd love to work with you.

We are a private gym. That means you as a professional trainer can bring your clients to our studio and train them, on your schedule. Grow your business with us!

Looking for a professional certified trainer?

BASIC Training has teamed up with dozens of independent Certified Personal Trainers to give you access to the most knowledgeable and professional trainers in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

Our pre and post-workout treatments will help you recover quickly from workouts.

Our professional staff can also offer various massage techqniques including, cold compressions to help keep post-workout inflamation at bay.​

Start your journey with BASIC Tranining today.

Whether you are a certified trainer looking for a clean, professional environment to schedule and train your clients, or you're looking for private training sessions. We've got the space for you! Lets get started.

Private Training Gym For Certified Trainers & Their Clientele.

Trainers, grow your private training business by joining our exclusive Gym.

Private Glendale Gym

We value your privacy

Limited Memberships

Exclusive. Private.

For Certified Trainers

Space grow your business

Professional Equipment

Clean. Professional gear

Start today. Join BASIC Training family, and start your fitness transformation!

If you are a certified trainer and are looking for a clean, professional environment to schedule and train your clients, we’ve got the space for you! Give us a call for details​

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