Benefits of Running Your Personal Training Business from BASIC Training

A Unique Training Approach

We not only cater to private certified trainers to run their business from our studio, but we also welcome individuals who want more privacy from their gym.

No Membership Fees

We’ve created a private environment for those who wish to attain lasting results by training with certified trainers.  There are no monthly or yearly membership dues with us.

Private Trainers

Use our studio to train your clientele. Schedule your private sessions and use our state of the art equipment to grow your business.

Our Approach To Fitness

Our focus is to help you grow your personal training business.  Need to train with a personal trainer? Dozens of certified, professional trainers train out of our studio.

Post Workout Support

We have experienced staff who can help with minor sports related muscle aches. We’ll help you recover and get you ready for your day.

Take your personal training business to a new level. Speak with us today.

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